CLEW for Security and Identity Authentication


Trust is the fundamental business requirement of an authentication solution. Although many current authentication solutions that utilise security codes provide authentication improvements they do not provide a sufficient amount of trust in authentication activities.

Alacrity created this segment to meet the need for a simple and efficient method to improve confidence in online authentication and strengthen the level of security available to protect sensitive information.

Alacrity’s authentication offering is a single solution that delivers multiple factors of security allowing individuals to authenticate a wide range of transactions on their mobile phone. Unlike many two factor solutions Alacrity’s offering utilises a true out of band channel to authenticate the individual. This means the complete authentication process takes place on a separate device to the transaction.

Alacrity’s products deliver the fundamental business requirement of an authentication solution, Trust. Alacrity’s products provide organisations – in particular financial institutions – with the advantages they require in a competitive market place. Transactions can now be initiated and authorised securely by the correct individual.

Alacrity’s CLEW process in an important component of an organisation’s overall security strategy. CLEW not only provides an authentication tool but it can also be used as a secure yet cost effective communications tool to notify key stakeholders of a data breach if it occurs.

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CLEW for Communication

Call to Action

Staffing shortages are a fact of business life and they cost organisations time and money to find a replacement. Organising casual or emergency staff is an exercise that can be time consuming not to mention frustrating with traditional forms of technology.

A segment designed to allow an organisation to react to staff shortages effectively, in a manner that is time and cost efficient. Organisations can apply the Call to Action principle and, unlike bulk SMS, selected staff can respond, confirming their availability and selecting appropriate shifts.

This segment can also be used as an efficient tool to locate and move key individuals when emergencies occur.

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Financial Transactions

Financial advisers or agents make numerous phone calls to clients. It is difficult to reach many clients when the information is time-critical and/or places are limited with the current forms of communication available. CLEW allows the financial advisor to alert all clients simultaneously. Clients can then view the information and respond and complete a business transaction securely via their mobile phone.

CLEW can be integrated to or interfaced with an advisor’s database systems and can check available cash and automate the order for execution if required. Similarly, agencies can alert their registered clients to the availability of tickets for previously requested events.

Gaming Operators Stockbroking

Expression of Choice

Traditionally, organisations have used call centres, mail surveys, focus groups and comment cards to communicate with participants.

Using CLEW, multiple particpants can be contacted simultaneously in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. Most importantly, clients can choose to respond when it suits them, rather than when the call is made. Secure voting from mobiles in now possible and is attractive, especially to those who use their mobile phone as a primary source of information.

CLEW’s flexibility allows it to be used for market research purposes as a more convenient and user friendly alternative to current offerings.

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