About Us

The Alacrity Team

Australia’s leading intelligent mobile communications company comprises of experienced, respected industry figures with proven expertise in the technology, business and government sectors.

Alacrity’s Founder and CEO, has been specialising in interactive communications for the past seven years and has decades of experience in the public and private sectors, both in Australia and internationally.

In 1999, the CEO dedication to addressing the need for real-time interactive business communication led him to create Alacrity technologies to develop the core technologies that today underpin the innovative CLEW communications platform.

Prior to founding Alacrity, he enjoyed sales and project director positions at multinational IT services companies including GECITS (now CSC) as well as Fujitsu and Powerlan. He began his career in the Australian Customs Service, where Adrian worked for more than 20 years in areas including investigations, law enforcement and implementing new technology strategies such as advanced passenger processing.